Video Premiere: Dope KNife Shares "Got It Like Me"

There aren’t any shortcuts in today’s music culture, and that stands for any given genre. In Hip-Hop though, the expectations are set much higher, and talent & skill must be present and any and all levels. This is where Dope KNife comes in, the Savannah, Georgia rapper who’s set to take the world by storm. Releasing his 7th full-length release today, Things Got Worse (Brick Records), the emcee has dropped an album full of clever anecdotes, self-assured braggadocio, and insanely hypnotic beats from one track to the next.

Dope KNife premieres the new video for “Got Me like” filled with scratches and beats that compliment his cadence & flow. The indie stalwart’s plans on forcefully getting what’s his as he raps, “I’m going to take what’s mine I don’t wanna chance / chillin’ like a motherfucking villain yellin’ ‘I’m the man!'”

About the new song and video, Dope KNife offers this:

“This joints kinda like my love letter to hip hop culture. At least in terms of what it means to me. I wanted the video to reflect that heavy.”

The new album Things Got Worse is available EVERYWHERE today and can be ordered here.

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