Video Premiere: Detroit Rebellion, "Black"

Detroit Rebellion are set to release See You Next Year via Bodan Kuma Recordings on August 24, 2018. Adopting their moniker from the violent upheaval that shook Detroit in the summer of 1967, the name seems appropriate for proprietors of the blues and rock, music that has traditionally been created to simultaneously sooths the soul, as well as wrestle with the problems that trouble it.
The Providence-based duo made its thunderous debut with, The Man, in 2017 on Bodan Kuma Recordings. While See You Next Year is more raw and aggressive than its predecessor, it never strays too far from moody, thinking man’s blues, with its hints of jazz and haunting guitar. It is a record for which the right energy outweighed precise lyrical clarity, harkening back to traditional blues in spirit, if not necessarily in structure.
Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering the video for “Black,” which offers spurts of post-punk energy, touches of reverb, and bursts of anger and indignation. This is what the duo had to say about it:
“‘Black’ is a song about getting screwed and the nature of evil. We actually almost got arrested shooting the video; police said they got about ten 911 calls about a guy in a devil mask on the highway.”

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