Video Premiere: The Deadmen "Everything"

The members of Washington, D.C.’s own The Deadmen proudly display the wears and tears of being road warriors.  Hailing from various sectors on the Eastern side of the United States to South Africa, the foursome together present a masterful impact onto their music.
After releasing their debut EP through 8 Gang Switch in 2014 now comes the band’s first full length The Deadmen.  Produced by Mike Faneule, there was some uncertainty on whatever or not this rocker would ever see the light of day.  If you were to ask the band, they would tell you that The Deadmen was just biding its time.  The landscape lyrically throughout the full-length centers frustration, paranoia, loss, but then closes in on hope and love-the purest form of rock and roll.
Today, Ghettoblaster shares The Deadmen’s video for the single “Everything”, directed by filmmaker Patrick Mason.  Here is guitarist/vocals Justin Hoben on the song:
“When you realize your True Self is turning a relationship into a pit of quicksand, you can either make an attempt at a positive change or own it with sarcastic shrug. Change is hard.   The idea for this song came after a particularly heated Deadmen group text, but took on more of a “significant other” feel as the lyrics were written.” 

The Deadmen is out now via 8 Gang Switch
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