Video Premiere: Daydream, "I Am A Wonderful Mechanism"

 “I Am A Wonderful Mechanism” is the new video by Italian rock band Daydream and features a sound that will trip the fancy of Unrest and My Bloody Valentine fans.

The band, from south east Sicily, is lead by Enzo Pepi, formerly of Twig Infection, The Pepiband, and guitarist for a couple albums by singer song-writer Carmelo Amenta. The band also includes bassist Dalila Mammana and drummer Stefania Papa. Their stunning debut album will be released on March 22 via Noja Recordings.

The video was directed by Elaine Carmen Bonsangue. This is what Pepi had to say about it:

“‘I Am A Wonderful Mechanism’ is an hymn to wandering and to following elusive goals. A trip from a little flat cramped sofa to mother earth.The protagonist is a wonderful imperfect mechanism caged in a pixeled monochrome hypo-reality. He’s chasing waterlilies living in a colored patinated hyper-reality. Imperfection is his one-way to be a better human-being and it will bring him closer to his nature through this imaginative run. The choose is about dreaming a dream that will go inside out the reality and so on, finding his self as himself.”

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