Video Premiere: DANA Shares New "Pork Pie"

Columbus, Ohio band DANA has been taking the road less traveled, utilizing instruments with experimental fervor but with an enthusiasm that includes pop, electronic, stylized noise, and possibly even a kitchen sink within its sound. If we need to break it down any further, simply put; DANA isn’t fucking around!

The band is made up of Brian Baker (Drums), Dan Matos (Bass), Chris Lude (Guitar, Vocals, Synth), and Madeline Jackson (Vocals, Theramin) and have been releasing music together since the release of 2015’s LIVE For WLSD @ The Bat Lounge. The avant-garage sound has become a bit more refined since the inception of the band by deconstructing its instrumentation, un-refining songs, and piecing them back together. This is solely my own interpretation here, but DANA, they’ve touched on something that while it owes a few nods to its own influences, the band remains remarkably original.

DANA is set to release its sophomore LP, Glowing Auras & Black Money (Heel Turn Records) dropping September 27, which follows its 2017 debut self-titled full-length with the sub-caption, A God Ignored Is A Demon Born. In anticipation of the new release, the band premieres the new video for “Pork Pie,” an ode to law enforcement.

Of the video Madeline Jackson offers:

“The song is our only real explicitly political jawn. It reckons with the white liberal guilt, the hypocrisy, and violence of our community of Columbus, OH, and namely, it’s police force. White supremacy is in the name, for Christ’s sake. As a white person, it’s not appropriate for me to jump to the front of the line the speak on these issues, but as a musician, I felt it necessary to express my shame and my anger, and I am very angry.

The video was directed by Nat Cherry and is comprised of 8mm live footage and archival footage including a cameo by our mayor and the infamous Stormy Daniels.”

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