Video Premiere: Dakota Blue, "Cashmere"

Artist and musician Dakota Blue grew up writing and recording songs in LA poolhouses. He now writes songs in his head on long walks and records in his bedroom in Century City, Los Angeles. The breezy “Cashmere” can be heard on the Rodeo Knife EP, released September 29. Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering the video for the song, which was shot and directed by Priscilla Mars.

This is what Blue had to say about the EP:
Rodeo Knife is a collection of songs influenced by a specific zone of LA. A cowboy brandishing a knife and a lasso on Rodeo Drive. A stroll through space-themed streets devoid of people. In this comfortable and isolated space, the songs just wrote themselves. Emotions range from Aw Man’s anxious energy addressing borderline agoraphobia, to Cashmere’s soft, nostalgic ballad about previous homes.”
Visit Dakota Blue here: