Video Premiere: Chima Anya "Always Be"

For many, Hip-Hop is life and one couldn’t imagine seeing them doing anything aside from creating music. For the UK’s Chima Anya, he’s come close to almost celebrating an entire decade following his passion. Now although it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan, it doesn’t look like Anya is going to have a need to open a medical practice anytime soon. But his story is of success in whatever he does, which runs in his family, as seen with the success of his brother Ikechi Anya, a Scottish professional soccer player.

With the release of his fourth album No Pressure (Garden State Hip-Hop) just released last month, with production by Soul Chef, it looks like the world is finally catching up with the talented wordsmith. Anya is on the precipice of worldwide success with the amalgamation of both contemporary and traditional Hip-Hop.

Chima Anya’s No Pressure rips away at standard Hip-Hop expectations, enveloping songs with an obscene amount of melody and hooks with Anya sharing clear and direct lyricism dealing with fear, the future, dreams, self-confidence, and so much more. With New Zealand’s Soul Chef behind the board manipulating beats; it’s a wondrous combination.

The latest single released is “Always Be,” a call to arms of sorts, to those that stay on their grind. The video itself was filmed at a friend’s wedding where cultures come together, uniting as one. When asked about “Always Be” Chima says, “In an era of fast-paced disposable experiences “Always Be” is an affirmation that true quality always endures.”

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