Video Premiere: Cave Curse Deliveres "Buried"

Cave Curse could one day go from the little band that could to an entirely
new level of notoriety, through persistence and creative explosiveness. The
band from Madison, Wisconsin started out as the solo project for Bobby Hussy (The Hussy, Fire Heads, TIT) back in 2014 as he says it, “To create simple synthpop/darkwave tracks in the downtime between making new The Hussy recordings.” But the music seemed to have taken a much more upbeat route, and listening to the title track of the band’s debut LP Future Dust, you get the idea there’s more to the group than just a couple of genre

Persistence is something guitarist Bobby Hussy first began playing all the
synths and guitars himself, building around a Boss DR 770 drum machine, a Moog Sub Phatty and a Novation Bass Station. Initially planned as a bedroom only project, Cave Curse expanded to a real-life unit in early 2016 when Hussy met drummer Will Gunnerson. Gunnerson had recently transplanted to Madison from Kansas, and the two bonded quickly over shared interests and musical taste. Gunnerson eventually moved back to Kansas but not before recording Cave Curse’s debut LP, Future Dust, an emotionally draining recording. Hussy rebooted Cave Curse as a 4-piece in 2017 with Ben Brooks (Drums), Tyler Spatz (Bass) and Emili Earhart (Synth) joining the group. 

Fast Forward: The band shares the video to the single, “Buried,” which shows the frenetic performance of the band live, capturing its essence from beginning to end.