Video Premiere: Bunnyhill "Parting Ways"

Ever wondered what one might get if you combined English electro-pop, 60’s retro kitsch, along with 16-bit gaming tones? It may not be what anyone would expect but what you would end up with is Bunnyhill. The members, Nick Smolenski handles the music, while Hayley Marian-Takahashi lays down the vocals for this project.

The duo originally met during an internship back in L.A. when Smolenski invited Marian-Takahashi over to listen to his music. They both soon realized t they realized their similar interests could make them a force to be reckoned with.

Today the band premieres the first video/single “Parting Ways” from its forthcoming yet-to-be-announced full-length debut. “Parting Ways” will be out June 7 as a single on Swedish Columbia. The influence on the band is pretty clear in the video treatment as they reference battle screens of mid 90’s SNES games Earthbound and Mother 3. The band utilizes the synth sound that were used in the scores for those games. Of the band’s album and music Smolenski offers:

“Growing up, I really identified with the absurdist humor, fantasy
elements and Beatles reverence that is apparent through those games. As I revisited it from the filter of an adult I realize that the beautiful naiveté accompanied by an undercurrent of pain that the game encapsulates so well is what our music taps into as well.”

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