Video Power: Gummy Soul Presents – Who We Are

Artist: Gummy Soul Presents: Amerigo Gazaway
Song: Who We Are

Ironic that a dude named Amerigo, after the “famed” explorer who traveled to the Americas, would drop a track that echoes the sentiments of the blighted. I was on the train about 2 months ago when the Occupy Wall Street movement was starting to gain more attention – and this passenger on the train was talking on his cell phone, talking about “yeah I just came down from there, they don’t have a clue”. “Most of them don’t even know what they are protesting” – The sad thing is, as a society we are conditioned to not care about anything other than the routines we are systematically forced to live. Go to work, pay your taxes, pay your bills, eat garbage, shit…die. The seeds of change are coming in the form of a deep-rooted need for that change. The change that we all know must happen in some way or another…fight mother fucker!!!