Tropical Fuck Storm Shares Video "Who's My Eugene"

Tropical Fuck Storm release their sophomore album Braindrops, on Aug. 23 (Joyful Noise Recordings), with a North American tour launch a few days later. In advance of what will be the start of a lengthy campaign supporting the nine-song album, the Australian band share a glimpse of their recent European tour via the video for “Who’s My Eugene?”

Guitar player Erica Dunn said of the song, “I had a dream that I was served Brian Wilson’s face at a restaurant and it tasted good and I woke thinking that I had to write about the doomed facade of the American dream cos the famous beach boy couldn’t swim and Dennis drowned but that idea has been so overcooked by acid casualty hippies that I decided to write about my fear of falling in love with anybody because of the anxiety that they could either help me express myself or keep me locked in psychological torment a la Eugene Landry and Brian.”