TK The Architect Shares Video "Wait Up Slow Down"

In case you missed it the other day, TK The Architect premieres the music video for “Wait Up Slow Down”  – the first single off the New York MC’s upcoming full length Blue Season (April 29, 2016). Directed by Madi Turin, the video showcases TK The Architect’s musical prowess with a live performance of the soulful track alongside his backing band The Get Back Kids (which I originally read as the Get Up Kids.)

TK The Architect has spent his life finding a balance. Raised in New York by his Japanese mother and Italian-American father, TK (born Zach Takayuki Zanghi) grew up in a bilingual household. Proudly a product of his surroundings, the differences between cultures became an essential part of who he is. His newest release, Blue Season, is a result of that self-awareness and his ability to bridge worlds.
“I genuinely feel that no one could have made this record but me,” says Zanghi, who recorded a majority of the record in his bedroom on Long Island and in his house upstate. “This is the first time I found a way to connect everything I do, as a musician/producer and as an MC.” Proudly playing most of the instruments, TK takes just as much pride in his guitar parts as he does his verses. Anything he didn’t play himself was recorded by members of his band The Get Back Kids – close friends he’s played with for years during his time in the local scene.
TK has been building a resume of honest music with his tight-knit network for years, and its integrity remains an integral part of his philosophy. As the founder of CON TEMPLATE, a collective of musicians, artists and other creatives, he has taken on the role of advocate for the talent in his community, booking multiple art and music festivals in the local area. Whether it’s writing, producing, engineering or mixing, TK’s talent umbrellas the full spectrum of creating music in the projects he’s passionate about, and Blue Season is no exception.
Somewhere in the balance of these influences lies TK’s genre-blurring approach to Hip-Hop. Blue Season provides a glimpse into the world as TK sees it, with his unique lens focused on the human experience we all share despite our differences.