Thees Handz (Murs & The Grouch) Share Video, "Thees Hands"

While many Hip-Hop fans have always praised releases by the Living Legends, the California-born 8-man collective, we still receive consistent releases by the likes of Eligh, and most notably, The Grouch and Murs. While The Grouch and Murs have built a name for themselves within the crew, and as solo artists, they never collaborated on an official project with each other, until now.

The relationship between the two could be likened to college roommates who once shared living spaces together in their formative years, and have gone on to become successful in their own respect, but remained rooted in their past. After years of collaborating with other Living Legends crew members, and people outside of the group, the two decided to make a full project together – Thees Handz.

The self-titled release drops Friday, November 8th and contains 10 tracks with production handled by The Grouch, Ant of Atmosphere, Eligh, DJ Fresh, DJ Rek, and Brady Watt. The album also features Reverie, Rabbitt, Brady Watt, with scratches by DJ Abilities.

“Murs and I didn’t always see eye to eye. During our time in the living legends, we butted heads when it came to creative and business decisions” Grouch commented.  “As time has gone on, our love for each other as brothers has grown. We recorded this album from a real place and I’m very proud of how far we’ve come. We built this shit from the ground up with our bare hands, so to speak, and the title track, “Thees Handz” embodies that.”