The Wild Reeds Share New "Giving Up On You" Video

The Wild Reeds shared their new video for “Giving Up On You,” the third single from their forthcoming album, Cheers (Dualtone Records), which is sure to make a splash with music listeners everywhere this spring and arrive in stores on March 8, 2019.

The video was directed by Michael Delaney and according to him, it has personal significance to the band:

“The video was inspired by the theory of ‘spooky entanglement’ and the ways in which we look for signs from the universe to give us the courage to make tough decisions. The video is dedicated to my dear friend Laura Peters of Psychic Love, who had been helping me with ideas for it prior to our director’s treatment. However, she passed away last month so we made it a point to honor her by using some of the artifacts I’ve been finding since then, such as the Lucky 13 pool ball,” explains Mackenzie Howe. “The character is essentially torn between moving on from someone/something — looking for signs to aid in making that decision — and also feeling helpless to their own attachment to it.”