The Shape Of Rock To Come: Breezy Ortega (Homemade Crazy)

Homemade Crazy

Homemade Crazy

Hailing from a small town in southwest Nebraska, Homemade Crazy is set to release their debut album Synergy on August 19. The band has premiered advance singles on ARTISTdirect (, Guitar World ( and Hear Nebraska (! The 11 dynamic tracks are a mix of indie, punk, pop, and blues elements–with a twist of synth.
Homemade Crazy is Breezy Ortega (keyboard synthesis, vocals), Max Kugler (percussion), Aaron Paiz (bass), and Koby Blake(vocals, guitar). Formed in 2012, the band emerged from the cluttered Midwest music scene with their own unique soundscapes. Homemade Crazy’s vocal duo of Ortega and Blake will capture your attention with emotionally charged lyrics and melodies that will stick with you for days at a time. The rhythm section, featuring Paiz and Kugler, will keep your feet tapping all night with their syncopation mastery.
Their approach to music, especially their live show, is to translate their love and joy of music combined with sharing their own individual stories through their songs.
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Ortega to discuss a trio of songs that inspired the new record.

Radiohead — “Weird Fishes/Arpeggio”
Thom Yorke finds a way to have high impact vocals without drowning out every other part of the music. The vocals are so powerful even though they are hushed. I really appreciated that and was inspired by it when writing “Cumulo Nimbus.”

Passion Pit — “Sleepy Head”
I remember covering this song around the time I wrote the lyrics for “Mass Media.” Not only was I influenced by the vocal stylings here, but I pulled a lot of inspiration from Passion Pit’s electro melodies.

Phoenix — “If I Ever Feel Better”
This song means a lot to me for when I’m feeling down, but it’s also very danceable! Meaningful lyrics in a happy environment and that’s what I wanted from my writing.
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