The Shape Of Rock To Come: Andrew Thomas and Julia Blake (Vow)



Consisting of vocalist Julia Blake, and instrumentalist Andrew Thomas, Vow have been known to dance along the genre lines of synth-pop, dream-pop, dark wave and post punk. Driven by drum machines and rich bass lines, Julia’s soulful, and melodic alto vocals ooze on top of the analog pulsing synths and dreamy pads. LA duo Vow release their upcoming EP, Make Me Yours August 12 on The Native Sound.
The EP finds the band transitioning from the darker textures of their debut, to more Cocteau Twins-inspired dynamics, implementing chorus-drenched guitars/bass, and palpable pop-informed vocal melodies. As with their debut, the EP again features Touché Amoré guitarist, and one-half of Andrew’s ambient guitar duo, Wife, Nick Steinhardt on guitar. Steinhardt, who interestingly enough introduced Andrew and Julia to each other, also took charge of all visual aspects relating to the band’s EP.
Click here to pre-order the 12″EP or digital download. ‘Make Me Yours’ is also available in bundles including all three color variants and a test press, and the band’s ‘Make Me Young‘ 7″ EP.
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Thomas and Blake to discuss some songs that influenced the EP. This is what they told us.
Andrew Thomas:

Weekend – “Mirrors”
For our three tracks we decided to pick the most influential/favorite and current we could think of and the first that came to mind was definitely this jam. I was going through a long rut of not being into any newer music for a good year or so and one day out of the blue I was in my friend’s car when this came on and was hit like a ton of bricks and felt like all the answers of what I was looking for were now answered. This song inspired me to attack writing again and has been in constant rotation since. Timeless record.

Chromatics – “The Page”
This band in general holy shit, so great for directing today’s music in a great direction and this song in particular is another one that really helped formulate a lot of dreams and ideas for what we wanted to do with our music. That guitar sound… oooo weeee. Dusted off all my fuzz/overdrive pedals when I heard that sound.
Julia Blake:

Merchandise- “Satellite”
Merchandise in general is constantly on rotation in my home. It’s hard for me to even pick one song that really inspired me lyrically because everything Carson Cox does is insanely beautiful. I’d have to say that “Satellite” off Children Of Desire was a major influence for me. Make Me Yours lyrically is really a storyline of the relationship I was in from start to finish and there were so many moments when I’d listen to “Satellite” and feel serious pain or so happily in love. I think when music makes you feel such extreme emotions it’s really inspiring and Merchandise has always done that for me.
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