Thayler Rhys Shares New Single "10K Post Up"

Today Thayler Rhys shares his new R&B drenched single, “10K POST UP.” Rhys has taken a number of different avenues before finally arriving at the point he has, from living a nomadic life, dropping out of jazz school to attempting to sell beats to New York rappers and studying neuroscience. The artist is a bit of an anomaly, as described by his own words:
“During the summer of 2016, I lived in a rat-infested house where my chronically-absent classmate and producer, Quin Kiu, and I began collaborating. We found an affinity for approaching R&B sincerely and eclectically while piecing together our first projects. Although many of these bedroom drafts have evolved and matured, our passion for honesty remains. “10K POST UP” is the first of these confessions.”

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