TeeVee Dinner: Ken Burns' National Parks

People in a park, with dead things.

Ken Burns is the man. There isn’t really much else that needs to be said of him. If the name’s not a familiar one, go check out Jazz, Empire of the Air or Unforgivable Blackness (you might recall Prince talking with Tavis Smiley about that one a few weeks ago).
Well, he’s gone and done it again with a series on The National Parks (titled as such) airing on PBS every night at 8 pm from now through this coming Saturday.
And for those of you who fail to see the tie between underground hip-hop and public broadcasting – lest we forget it was Nas who said it best in “Sly Foxin” – “…make a nigga wanna invest in PBS.”
Check it!
PBS has a whole page about it here, and you can watch previous episodes in full here through October 9th.