Sixo Premieres Video For "John Connor (feat. Gregory Pepper)"

Producer/musical innovator Sixo premieres the video today for “John Connor” which features singer Gregory Pepper.  Former professional motocross racer Scotty Trimble, known as Sixo,  is set to release his third full-length studio album, The Odds of Free Will, dropping 421/17 on Fake Four Inc. This time around though, he’s included a number of indie rap giants, aside from Gregory Pepper, like Open Mike Eagle, Milo, Ceschi, Awol One and Onry Ozzborn. This album is obviously his labor of love, spending three years working on the individual tracks that comprise the whole. The album is fitted with sampling mixes and live instruments, receiving a helping hand by additional musicians, David Moss (Cello), Jinx McGee (guitar/synths), and hsi brother Maddox Trimble (bass).
“John Connor” circles around a Terminator-based imagery where you have Pepper playing the Edward Furlong role against someone else handling Schwarzenneger’s cybernetic Terminator character. I want to say it’s Trimble playing the character but only they’ll really know.


Sixo Album Artwork

SIXO: The Odds of Free Will

Quote from Gregory Pepper: 

“To this day, I still think Terminator 2 is one of the best movies of all time. I remember watching the VHS with my dad in the 90’s and being transfixed by the mix of senseless violence, science-fiction, and Guns-N-Roses. The John Connor character defined my prepubescent expectations of what life would be like as a teenager: Summer afternoons spent sneering at authority and ripping around on a dirtbike, hacking ATMs. Naturally, my teen years didn’t end up being anything like that, thank heavens. This rap is sort of a meditation on that skewed nostalgia. And just to be clear: I DID ask for that Edward Furlong type haircut with the long bangs and the barber fucked it up, hard. The video (shot by Colin Harrington aka A Pocket History Of Mars) ended up being a bit of fan fiction in which we witness a 2017-era John Connor navigating the modern world, missing his T-800 father figure. The part where the terminator is smoking shatter through a glass pipe (around the 2 minute mark) cracks me up every time.”

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