Show Review: Gen Con 2011, Day 3

Sunday, August 7

Having taxed the part of my brain that plans things as much as possible, we decided to hold off on going back to the convention on Sunday. Many of the events have wound down by then, though there’s still a lot to do, but we’d overspent physically and monetarily. Next year we’ll definitely plan ahead a little more – get the program guide in advance and look at all of the events, panels, screenings and organized games, in order to work out a “gameplan.”
In closing, I’ll definitely admit that I was a little frightened of Gen Con at first. All of the pictures, articles and survival guides (I kid you not)… I’m a nerd, no doubt, but it all had me thinking that maybe I wasn’t enough of one. Turns out there was no need to worry and the convention ends up becoming as intense or relaxed as you want it to be and no matter what, Gen Con lives up to it’s tagline as the “The Best Four Days (or in our case Two) in Gaming.”