Seven Kingdoms Share Video, "The Water Dance"

Florida Power Metal act SEVEN KINGDOMS have dropped a new music video for their song ’The Water Dance’ from their forthcoming release, Empty Eyes, dropping October 22. The SEVEN KINGDOMS’ Crowdfunding Campaign just hit the first stretch goal of $13,000, which unlocks this video to the public, as well as funds the music video for ‘The Water Dance,’ which is inspired by Game Of Thrones trials Arya faced, and is one of the faster songs on the new release.

SEVEN KINGDOMS vocalist Sabrina Cruz says,  “We had an amazing time doing this video. It was a very unique experience to have such an intimate setting with our closest fans, family and friends, and for those people to hear the band in a way they have never experienced before. They were able to see the recording and video process piece by piece and basically see us under a microscope. The concept for this ‘live video and recording with an audience’ was actually pitched to us by Jim Morris himself. This turned out really great, and we hope to do this again in the future!”