Score! Dirty Three and Mogwai

Score! Dirty Three and Mogwai

Our investigative reporters are constantly on location looking for the best deals on used music. Read on to find out what we scored at a recent record shop outing and how cheap we got our goods.

Buyer: David Obenour, Ghettoblaster’s print mag managing editor

The Score:

  • Dirty ThreeWhatever You Love, You Are
  • MogwaiThe Hawk is Howling
  • MogwaiMr. Beast

Total cost: Only $11

Purchased at:
Second Time Around Music-Video
1133 Brown Street
Dayton, OH
(937) 228-6399

Comments: This is definitely a college shop (blocks away from University of Dayton) and in general they don’t deal in much indie stuff. What they do deal in, they tend sell off for cheap too. Not always, sometimes you’ll get some real, “Why’s this so expensive? No one else knows who this is.” But more times then not the stars align and you get your favorite unknown artist for the unknown discount. Ultimately it’s just down the street so I usually stop in once a month.