Rubén Blades & Making Movies Share New Video Single "No Te Calles!"

“No Te Calles” is the first single from the upcoming collaborative new album by Making Movies produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos)

Salsa icon Rubén Blades has joined forces with Latinx psych-rockers Making Movies to launch “No Te Calles“, a song and a movement. No Te Calles is the first single from the upcoming collaborative new album by Making Movies, to be released in May. The powerful voice of Blades soars over the explosive guitars and the rumbero percussion of Making Movies, produced by the legendary Steve Berlin, member of Los Lobos. The chorus urges ‘Sal a la calle / Y no te calles‘ which translates to ‘Go out on the street and don’t be silenced,’ a message that births a movement on NoTeCalles.World, a web portal where artists and fans can record their voices onto a chorus that will be added to the song. All the contributions will be stitched together in a musical and technological experiment called ‘Making Movies and Rubén Blades ft. The World,’ quite possibly the largest and most extensive musical collaboration in history. In a statement about the song, Blades writes
“Popular music must become a part of the urban network to inform people objectively, educating people worldwide on the need to participate in a civic way to rescue democracy, defeat corruption and create a better and fairer society. We are asking them to become active, to inform themselves on issues, not to be silent, not to accept the present state of political corruption, mediocrity and indifference to truth as something inevitable. It can be changed, if you participate.”  Blades finishes with “No te compran si no te vendes which is to say you cannot be bought if you do not sell yourself.