Ralph White & Steve Marsh Share New Single "Ledge"

Today the duo of Ralph White and Steve Marsh share their skewed view of Americana with the single “Ledge.” It shouldn’t be what anyone would expect considering White’s Bad Livers and Marsh’s Terminal Mind groups always walked the paths less traveled by most.
A slice of New Weird America, the single, culled from the duo’s Two Distinguished Gentlemen, out tomorrow on Self Sabotage, is rooted in folk & blues, steeped in psychedelia (including an entrancing take on King Crimson’s “I Talk To The Wind”), is the electroacoustic melding of two of Austin’s long-time idiosyncratic musicians, Ralph White and Steve Marsh. 21st-century troubadours, Ralph and Steve cycle through heartbreak, loss, protest and spiritual renewal.


Track Listing:
01. Gun Barrel Polka
02. Zen Dog
03. Spin Cycle
04. Ledge
05. Snakebird Messenger
06. I Talk To The Wind
07. Bouldin Oaks Blues
08. Little Birdy
09. Over The Ledge