Premiere: Cameron Bethany Shares New Video For "Cadillac Beach"

“This song is sonic symbolism. It’s simply taking a moment… what you hope taking a breath of fresh air in the midst of an emotional thunderstorm feels like. Director Noah Glenn masterfully recreated this calm using abstract imagery and animation to accentuate what we call ‘audio meditation.’ YOU MAKE ME NERVOUS (Unapologetic) is an EP laced with truths and vulnerabilities and ‘Cadillac Beach’ is the escape to your imagination.”
These are the words of Cameron Bethany, as descriptive as anyone could get regarding “Cadillac Beach,” the song premiered here today. The soulful singer leaves his beautiful voice expanding throughout the track, and the imagery is filled with a kaleidoscopic scenery. Directly out of the soul & blues capital of the Bible belt, Memphis, TN, the singer is forging his own path here. While he draws on the many influential artists that came before him, he’s forging his own path, leaving a unique mark with his voice and delivery.

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