OMA Shares Video For "Ti Baba"

Hailing from a French region off the coast of Madagascar called Reunion Island, married couple Romane and Gaël Marimoutou (who make up OMA) have released their second single off their upcoming debut EP E In Motion, “Ti Baba.” The origin of the track is a rather beautiful; Romane wrote the song as a welcoming gift to her niece, who just entered into the world. “Ti Baba” is made to be a great source of sound energy while the video is a performance of polyrhythm.

“The idea of the powder came from the festival of Holi in India, which celebrates spring and the rebirth of flowers with vibrant colors. The colors in the video actually have representational meaning — orange for optimism and blue for vitality. At the very end of the video, when Romane moves her hands downwards, it’s a sign to represent the arrival of the baby,” OMA said in regards to the video.