Mike Watt and his Secondmen release split with Chronics

Bass legend Mike Watt and his Secondmen are back with another split 7-inch release, with Italian punk band Chronics (once on U.S. Rip Off Records). The two bands cover each other’s songs for this intercontinental collaboration. The 7-inch, released by ORG MUSIC on Black Friday, comes on blood red color vinyl and is limited to 1,500 copies worldwide.
After the release of “From Ciro’s to Starwood” split single on Asian Man Records, the two bands made a plan for a second split. Mike Watt sent Italy’s Chronics “I backed up into myself” and Chronics sent him “Microwave up in flames”. Both songs were previously unreleased. Italy’s Chronics also shot a video for Watt’s “I backed up into myself”.

Get it here: http://orgmusic.merchnow.com/products/216903/back-in-the-microwave-red-7in-split