Manikineter Premieres New Video For "Do As They Say"

Manikineter is the brainchild of one Carl Kavorkian, a rapper/producer/visual artist/noisemaker, that seemingly has no boundaries.  He’s released a number of recordings under his own nom de plume most notably the double E.P. release of Seraphant Elentine. Last year he stepped out with a different persona simply known as Manikineter and released an E.P.’s worth of music entitled Mannequin Eater.  Screams abound on top of the hard-edged musical backdrops, with an emphasis on lyricism as well, there’s no denying that. Manikineter obviously brings to light another style of music Kavorkian has had a love for and has toyed with in his own previous releases. The new single for “Do As They Say” premieres today and he’s able to bring together all of his interests, fitting them all within the video itself. Manikineter might just be a scary look into the other side of Carl Kavorkian’s mind. The track is off Manikineter’s next release, the Not as They Do E.P., dropping 4/23/18 on Cult Member Music.

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