Mal Blum Shares New Video "Salt Flats"

Today, Mal Blum shares the video for the single “Salt Flats,” directed by Philadelphia-based artist/filmmaker, Francis Beaver, who also designed and manufactured a number of intricate props for the shoot. In the clip, Mal — assisted by bandmates Audrey Zee Whitesides and Barrett Lindgren — risks life and limb in a high-speed race across the Salt Flats, during which world records (and bones, probably) are shattered. The single is off Pity Boy (Don Giovanni Records), dropping July 12th by the New York musician.

Frances Beaver on “Salt Flats”: 

[Making the video], I went along with the metaphor in Mal’s lyrics. I loved that salt could be a remnant of emotionally bruising words and also a seasoning to make the person feel better about having said them; that the Salt Flats (the geological phenomenon) could be a place where one could stay for eternity in the comfort of those bruising words. The story of a racer who can’t stop coming back to the Flats to break records — even though it’s dangerous for them — came along naturally since the Salt Flats are famous for high speed ground records.