M-City SOLO Premieres Video "Still Think About You"

Emcee M-city SOLO premieres the video for his newest single, “Still Think About You.”
The track itself is a vulnerable number that gives listeners a chance to get to know who M-city SOLO is on a more personal level. While this might be an introduction to some, “Still Think About You” is his debut to the world as a singer.  This relatable track indulges in a story of an ex-relationship where both parties still have feelings for one another.  Conceptually, even though you may have moved on, you still daydream about your ex, wondering if you cross her mind as well. M-city SOLO shares, “I’ve seen people cry to my records, and I’ve seen people dance to my records… Making an emotional connection, while entertaining is what inspires me” says M-city SOLO. This edgy urban track is accompanied by a video release that helps paint the story of this modern tale.”

M-city SOLO, is a songwriter and rapper from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is also a motivational and public speaker who is constantly evolving, and pushing his listeners to think critically about chasing their dreams and success. With over 250 shows to date and over 50,000 youth benefitting from his co-created tour “The Music With Meaning Tour,” M-city SOLO is a community influencer.  He adds, “I’ve been rapping my whole life, but only took my form of expression seriously when my brother got me to perform in front of the public for the first time when I was 17. I’ve made it my career ever since.”
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