Kristeen Young Shares Video For "Catland"

Singer/songwriter Kristeen Young is not afraid to step outside the boundaries of her comfort zone. This approach has given Young incredible opportunities within the music scene. Some of the highlights include being a longtime tourmate of Morrissey, singing with David Bowie and Brian Molko of Placebo, and recording with Dave Grohl.
Young is set to release her latest album ‘Live at the Witch’s Tit’ on September 29. Co-produced by Tony Visconti, ‘Live at the Witch’s Tit’ boldly pushes the issues of race and gender; experiences of growing up in the foster care system and other life events often are used as subject matter in the album.
In the middle of August, Young released the video “You Always Win”. On Tuesday, Young released the video for her next single “Catland”. The dark video has an eerie Alice in Wonderland-vibe built in that makes the video have some edge.  Visually stunning, Young continues to showcase her vision to perfection.