Italian Beaches Premiere Video "Habit"

Lexington, Kentucky outfit Italian Beaches premieres the video for “Habit,” off the band’s self-titled release (Desperate Spirits). It’s a pop-filled, digitally driven track over chanteuse Reva Russell English’s hypnotic voice. There’s so much going on within the track itself, which seemingly includes percussive beats that shake out the rest of the sounds included here, like the bassline that pops in throughout, and the keys and blips added for good measure. The video is a well-produced live-performance and it might be difficult for you to get past Reva because when she belts that high note you may want to replay it over and over again.

About the song, Reva says, “‘Habit’ is a song that tries to interrupt the stories we are telling ourselves — and believing — about the reality/ies we inhabit. This is happening. That is happening. We think we know what This and That are, what they will yield, but if history is any measure of our accuracy with what we think we know, we most definitely do not know much.”
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