Irrevery Premiere Video "Just Like Me"

What Is Irrevery?

Well, it’s a band of the same name that has its feet firmly planted in NYC, led by Paige Johnson-Brown that possibly has 4, 10, 15, or maybe even 20 band members. Maybe listeners are the ones that need to figure that out and make their own assessments. But what Irrevery truly can be is a collective that makes music, books, films, and visual art.

Today the band premieres the video for it’s single “Just Like Me.” The song is just a small part of the band’s identity, culled from Volume I, which is an album, a book of illustrated lyrics by 12 different artists and three films. The video/single itself is a beast of a different nature. Some will categorize Irrevery as ‘alt-country’ but there’s so much more to the group than a singular genre. “Just Like Me” seems bent on a hellish destruction of the sub-genre as the dissonance and explosive guitars that are added gives the band an unclassifiable fervor of something new and fresh. While sounding nothing like him, the group takes a Tom Waits-ian approach by just doing whatever the hell it wants. The video itself? A strange interpretation of daily life…and you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it!

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