Innocence Mission Share Video For "Green Bus"

High praise from Sufjan Stevens when he calls the innocence mission “moving and profound.”  He also has added, “What is so remarkable about Karen Peris’ lyrics is the economy of words, concrete nouns — incandescent bulbs and rowboats –which come to life with melodies that dance around the scale like sea creatures. Everyday objects begin to take on tremendous meaning.”
Members of the band innocence mission (Karen, Don Peris, and Mike Bitts) have long strived to do what others have struggled to do: communicate the incommunicable.  What they have done to discover the answer is to find beauty in life’s moments, whatever they are the biggest or smallest.   In the band’s latest album Sun on the Square, the group has adopted a more cinematic scope to their work; music interludes redouble the emotions within their songs.
Innocence mission recently shared their latest video for “Green Bus”, which was animated by Karen herself.  The softness of Karen’s vocals along with the warm instrumentals have listeners fall into a peaceful state of mindfulness.
Sun on the Square is set for release on June 29 by Badman Recording Co.