Hot Hot Heat Announces Final Album

On occasion you may find that self-defeating feeling when you find a group you once enjoyed chooses to end its musical career as a unit. Vancouver-based rock band Hot Hot Heat is proud to present details on its forthcoming, and final overall, self-titled LP. Set to be released via Kaw-Liga Records on Friday, June 24, Hot Hot Heat (iTunes pre-order) is the sort of final album you’d expect from the band – one that is as pop hook-heavy as it is edgy and unpredictable.  Today the group released its first single from the album, “Kid Who Stays in the Picture,” a song frontman Steve Bays penned about parting ways with a best friend as well as the importance of fighting to stay young at heart and holding on to your innocence for as long as you can. Stream “Kid Who Stays In The Picture.”

Written between 2011 and 2014, Hot Hot Heat moves away from the experimental sensibility of 2010’sFuture Breeds and looks back to their first two albums for inspiration. The idea was to be as natural as possible and get in touch with their inherent skill for songwriting. After penning a batch of songs, the band gathered in 2014 to record the 10 best with Canadian musician and producer Ryan Dahle, who worked on Future Breeds.
Hot Hot Heat track listing:
01. Kid Who Stays In The Picture
02. Modern Mind
03. Pulling Levers
04. Bobby Joan Sex Tape
05. Magnitude
06. Mayor Of The City
07. Alaskan Midnight Sun
08. Comeback Of The Century
09. Sad Sad Situation
10. The Memory’s Here