Historian shares video for "Pulled Under"

Historian is the ethereal brainchild of LA-native Chris Karman. Karman describes Historian’s sound as “headphone music” and that’s precisely what it is: music for anyone who likes to get lost when they put a record on, who wants to be immersed.
In Historian’s Leslie Andrew Ridings directed, Black Noise Industries produced music video for the lead single, “Pulled Under,” Karman’s melody puts everyone in a trance. Watch “Pulled Under” here:

After his first record, Shelf Life, Karman converted his then studio project into a full-fledged band. With the help he fleshed out and altered the direction that Historian was headed. His sophomore release, Current, was crafted with production assistance from Be Hussey (Radar Brothers, Guides). Current also features strings from Quartetto Fantastico, whose members have recently worked with Father John Misty and Flying Lotus, among others.
With obvious nods to some of the great British album bands – Spiritualized, Radiohead and even the grandaddy of them all, Pink Floyd – Historian’s music at times resembles a soundscape onto which Karman works increasingly wild brushstrokes. Critics have already warmed to Historian’s unique sound. His music has been described as “both nightmarish and dreamlike” or as “sitting on the edge between creative containment and cathartic release”.
Current is out now via The Record Machine.