Gutxi Bibang Shares New Video "System Of A Gun"

An unlikely candidate to carry the rock n’ roll torch, Gutxi Bibang is  second-generation African from the Basque region of northern Spain. On the heels of his debut single, Gutxi shares an incredibly powerful video for “System Of A Gun.”

His family emigrated to the tiny coast town of Algorta outside of Bilbao, but native son Gutxi Bibang has more in common with larger-than-life musical icons than he does his Basque countrymen. Even his unique moniker speaks of his cultural clash heritage – Gutxi, a common nickname in his Basque homeland, and Bibang, from his roots in Africa. With his distinctive manner and impeccable style, Gutxi Bibang exudes charisma – not just a reminder of when rock was a socio-cultural force for change in the ‘60s and ‘70s, but a glimpse into the music’s global future.