Gruntrunk Shares Video For "Bar Fly"

At the pinnacle of the grunge movement, the epicenter was located in the upper Pacific Northwest.  Bands such as Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees and Pantera were thrashing around the Olympia/Seattle area; the mainstream would soon take notice, causing the way we heard music turn upside down.  One band in particular were in the midst of the chaos-Gruntruck.
Formed by members of Skin Yard, Gruntruck toured extensively with bands such as Alice in Chains.  A legal battle with Roadrunner Records over the termination of the contract halted things for the band, sadly.  After a handful of lineup changes, the original set reformed in the in the late 90s.  In 2002 the band permanently disbanded after having a successful comeback.  Hopes of another run from Gruntruck would fade away when lead vocalist Ben McMillan passed away from complications related to diabetes on January 26, 2008
The band released two albums during their duration with a third that was never released.  Having been recorded from ’97-’99, the long last album will finally be released on October 13 via Found Recordings.
Today all of the grunge lovers past and present can enjoy some Gruntruck once again.  The band debuted a live footage video for lead single “Bar Fly”.