From The Horse's Mouth: Paris Jones on You're Invited to the Assassination of Patrick Campbell by Paris Jones

Paris Jones (photo by John Henry Baliton)

Paris Jones (photo by John Henry Baliton)

Dressed in whatever fits his feelings instead of what’s in, eclectic and new-age, hip hop rapper, Paris Jones, takes the overlooked, often chaotic and instability of young black America into sound frequencies he’s generated from years of experiencing what Tupac rapped about. Artist, songwriter, and producer, Jones, as a creative, considers himself a child of the spark Pac’ created within society. The innovation behind Paris’ vision and lyrics, “pure feeling and pure emotion.”
From Palmdale, California, Patrick Campbell, 22, began dabbling in music before he was even a teen. After going to Liberty University in Virginia, Campbell, simply known as P.J. back then, met his current management team and began solidifying his career through music instead of sports. Whether playing the drums or discovering his next song singing in the shower, Jones’ method to his lyrical madness is, simply put, staying clean. Writing nearly all songs in the shower to the extent of creating show ideas and video concepts, here Jones finds his inspiration flows like water. However, Jones’ musing of staying clean goes deeper than just the surface area of things, in which most are used to.
With a refreshingly different way of thinking, Jones likes to disrupt the mediocre and common. His purpose: “Facilitate change, create a new group of leaders, and take them into a new realm of thinking through his artistry.“ Pulling off his headphones clamoring Mad Mix Mustang Mash-ups long enough to explain his name, Jones’ sometimes oxymoron of a quiet demeanor speaks elevation, which his music also represents. “Paris is for the finer things. People have joneses for shoes, etc. I have a Jones for living above the mediocre lives most are expected to just accept and live.”
With a new album on the horizon, You’re Invited to the Assassination of Patrick Campbell…, Ghettoblaster knew we had to catch up with him to discuss his approach.  This is what he told us.
When did you begin writing the material for your most recent album?

What was the most difficult song to take from the initial writing stage through recording and mixing? Why was it so troublesome?
Well, this might sound weird, but really all of them. Everything about this project wasn’t sitting right with me at a certain point. It took my brother @KillGXXD to sit me down and tell me to stop being a perfectionist and finish the damn thing. After that everything pretty much came together fairly easy. But if I had to pick one, “Everywhere I Go” by far. It was mixed over 100 times by three different engineers before I decided to mix it myself.
Which of the songs on the record is most different from your original concept for the song?

I don’t think any really! I don’t write, so everything is pretty much spur of the moment. So my concepts for a record hardly ever change. 
Did you have any guest musicians play or sing on the record?
Cameos – Captain Is Cool (Personality), Emilio Sparks (Radio DJ), KillGXXD (DJ), Jesse Best (Actor)
Singers – B.A Scott, April Kelly and Marco Ruidiaz
Guitarist – J. Valle
Emcees – Chris Sims and Angel Haze
Who produced the record?  What input did that person have that changed the face of the record?

I produced all but 3 tracks on this album and there is 18 tracks. So I guess the answer to the second part of this question is yes lol.
Is there an overarching concept behind your new album that ties the record together?
You’re Invited to the Assassination of Patrick Campbell by Paris Jones is me speaking from a place of maturity and basically starting over or becoming a new person. Like Simon after Jesus named him Peter or the story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Same concept. Where I was in my life, I felt in order for Paris Jones to grow and live up to his full potential Patrick (which is my government name) had to be done away with. All the baggage of insecurity, fear, pride, etc from years of rejection, disappointment, and just plain negativity from life experience had to be somewhat buried. There is no way you can pursue this dream and be in bondage to those things. Like in Pacific Rim for example, you run through all these memories before engaging in battle, but getting stuck in one can be detrimental. I feel alot of us try to operate like that, and its so crippling  You, me, we gotta let go of all that stuff. Those memories will always be there of course, but the negative affect they have on you and your decisions in life don’t have to be. So yeah, Patrick had to go.
Have you begun playing these songs live and which songs have elicited the strongest reaction from your fans?
I am very anal about how my songs are presented. So when I show people my work, it has to be the complete album. The music industry now is very “single” driven, so making an album is a lost art nowadays. So when I personally show people my work, if they don’t have 45 minutes to spare to hear the complete body I just wont show them. But “Okay” ft Angel Haze has gotten the best reaction I’ve seen thus far. She has a crazy huge fan base so it was awesome to get love from my fans and her fans for it.
(Paris Jones and XXL freshman Angel Haze team up for Paris’ single “Okay” from his newest project.  With the melodic sound of Active Child’s “Hanging On” sample backing these two emcees, Paris and Angel give one hell of a tag team performance. Enjoy: