Freedom Fry Shares Video For "Classic"

Named after a satire on the French/US relations during the Iraq war, Freedom Fry’s music blends the warmth and sunshine their home of California provides. Together, the French & American duo (Bruce Driscoll and Parisian Marie Seyrat) have been generating a massive following by amassing over 30-million combined spins on streaming services such as Spotify and SoundCloud. You also may have heard Freedom Fry without genuinely knowing; the duo has licensed their music for more than thirty spots, including on television shows such as Love and Grey’s Anatomy.
Coming off their long-awaited debut album with the same title, “Classic” is a breath of fresh air. The video pays homage to the icons that have represented the true essence of America. Along the way, you follow a young woman around Hollywood, with visions of being someone that she admires – the late James Dean. As the woman embarks on her journey, she runs into a gentleman that quickly becomes her soulmate.
“Classic” flourishes into a beautiful arrangement of pop and folk that is captivating. Entangled with an energetic touch of horns, the single creates a liveliness that highlights the duo’s vision perfectly.