FEHER shares video for "Silence"

Following in the footsteps of her first single “False Appetite,”  “Silence” is another example of FEHER’s ear for crafting emotional pieces of dark, atmospheric, electro-pop.
FEHER shares the music video for her new single “Silence.”
The music video, beautifully directed by Sergey Maydin, captures FEHER battling a physical embodiment of her demons and depression, expressed through actress / dancer Roni Michaeli, in the middle of a desolate desert.
Tel Aviv artist FEHER got her start touring with the avant-guarde electronic project KOKORO. After the death of her mother in 2011, she began writing songs describing the thin line between innocence and sin, sadness and joy and light and darkness. Those songs have become the basis for her debut album which will be released early 2016.