Ex-Vöid Share Video Single "Only One" b/w "Ex-Vöid"

Pöwer Punk group Ex-Vöid return today with their new single ‘Only One‘ alongside its eponymously-titled b-side ‘Ex-Vöid‘. Both are available now via the newly-formed Prefect Records in conjunction with Don Giovanni Records. 

Have YOU ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with? Against their label’s wishes, Ex-Vöid has crafted a perverted, obscene, ultra-melodic love song in devotion to the odious, unwashed objection of their affection: their Only One.

A sandal-wearing, bong inhaling vision in khakis, the Only One is an unfortunate focal point for that most ominous of afflictions: a hippy fetish. As card-carrying punks, Ex-Vöid is bracing themselves for an immediate ex-communication from the UK’s D.I.Y scene, but they hope that more open-minded listeners might view their single as a form of therapy, perhaps even as an exorcism. Those less concerned with lyrical content will be pleased to hear a highly contagious sonic blast of aggressive jangle-pop buried underneath the smut. Ex-Vöid has created a pop song so jangly, so melodic, that it could be considered nationally threatening and potentially illegal under current U.K legislation.

‘Only One’ comes accompanied by a suitably lo-fi clip, shot by Max Warren on a cheap, plastic Super 8 home movie camera. It’s an ode to thrash metal, choreographed guitar movement, ‘the golden hour’ and Nunhead Cemetery.