NEW VIDEO FROM EL VY (The National/ Menomena) "Need A Friend"

Releasing yet another video off the group’s Return To The Moon debut releasing on 10/30/15, EL VY drops the single “Need A Friend.” If you can say ‘super group’ then EL VY may fit the mold since it’s the pairing of  Matt Berninger  of The National and Brent Knopf Ramona Falls/ Menomena.
The duo doesn’t stray far from their other projects but EL VY is unique in it’s timbre and songwriting as “Need A Friend” attests. Watch the video recorded Matt’s brother Tom. He captured the band’s live performance. EL VY gets ready for it’s first tour and rounding out the rest of the band  will be drummer Andy Stack (Wye Oak) and bassist Matt Sheehy (Lost Lander)
Watch “Need A Friend”