Earwig and Lydia Loveless team up for first single off Pause for the Jets

Earwig and Lydia Loveless team up for first single off October 14 album Pause for the Jets.

The unpublished novel “My Own Secret Service” details the origins of the underground band Earwig and their fantastic adventures as they battle to save the Multiverse from a secret society of invading demons who occupy a parallel dimension. The self-proclaimed “true” rock-and-roll memoir forms the basis of Earwig’s new album Pause For The Jets. Infusing classic alternative chops with dramatic nods to everything from Kate Bush to Cyberpunk, Earwig’s new science-fiction rock-opera testifies to the importance of pushing artistic boundaries and not falling victim to musical trends.
Pause For The Jets raises the bar for Earwig with its grinding synth riffs, ragged guitar lines and melodic bass-driven stunners. Crafting an album that is a stylistic departure as well as a career defining tour de force this late in the game would be unusual for most bands. From Earwig we should expect nothing less.
Not just another indie band from Columbus, Ohio, Earwig is the edgy, underground rock vehicle of guitarist and vocalist Lizard McGee who has been at the helm since the band’s inception in the 90’s.  These days, the band is a true family affair with McGee’s daughter, James McGee-Moore joining full-time to galvanize the already unrestrained live performance dynamic. She also contributes vocals to Earwig’s often strange, always stunning new album. Constantine Hondroulis delivers hard-edged bass lines with the subtlety and nuance of a master.  Nick Nocera, who replaces long-time Earwig drummer George Hondroulis, deftly rudders the vessel through dangerous rhythmic gravitational forces.