DOOKOOM shares video for "Dirty"

Cape Town, South Africa electro-hiphop outfit DOOKOOM presents the music video for “Dirty”, directed by South African photographer Pieter Hugo, who says the video is about “the lack of acknowledgment in the coloured [mixed black/white South Africans] community of the homosexual nature of [South African] prison gangs.”

The song appears on Silbi Dog, their new EP featuring David Banner, out now thanks to a partnerships between French labels I.O.T. and Atypeek.
DOOKOOM first gained notoriety when South African white civil rights organization AfriForum lobbied the South African Human Rights Commission to ban their 2014 single “Larney, Jou Poes,” the title of which translates in their native language Afrikaans to “Hey Boss, Fuck You”. The video depicts black South African farm workers rebelling against their white bosses, reflecting the racial tensions that exist to this day in a country where white people continue to own almost everything while many black South Africans work for less than $5 a day.
DOOKOOM is headed by rapper Isaac Mutant, who raps in a mixture of English, Afrikaans and Sabela (a language developed in South African prisons) and appeared on fellow South African group Die Antwoord’s first album. Vocalist L i L i † H, producer Human Waste, visual Artist Spo0ky and DJ Roach round the band out. “Dirty” director Pieter Hugo’s photography has appeared in the MOMA, Tate Modern and the Getty Museum. DOOKOOM is preparing a new album for 2016.