Dita Von Teese Shares Video "Dita Von Teese: A Musical Film featuring Sébastien Tellier"

It’s no surprise why Dita Von Teese has become the biggest name in the burlesque world.  Her grace and elegance, along with the sophistication is intoxicating on and off stage.  Von Teese has elevated the art to greater heights; going along with having performed several sold-out runs, Von Teese brought burlesque to prime time when she guest starred on the hit television show CSI.
Going with being a fashion icon, entrepreneur, and an advocate for modern day feminism, Von Teese has added being a singer to her resume with the February 2018 self-titled debut release via Record Makers.  Written and composed by Sébastien Tellier, viewers can catch a snippet of the music with the musical short film directed by David Wilson.  Dita Von Teese: A Musical Film featuring Sébastien Tellier compiles 4 tracks from her debut album: “Saticula” – “Sparkling Rain” – “Rendez-vous” – “Fevers and Candies” with a dream sequence backdrop all throughout the video.