Dirty Projectors Share "Up In Hudson" Video

Dirty Projectors, the 7th LP from the genre-defying artist David Longstreth, was released in February of this year. At the album’s center was “Up In Hudson” – an 8 minute, 9-verse elegy. A feat of epic storytelling deserves a video to match. Directed by Daren Rabinovitch of Encyclopedia Pictura (Kanye, Bjork, Panda Bear, Grizzly Bear), with choreography by Kiani Del Valle.
“Through four very different couples, the arc of a relationship is portrayed in its stages of growth, death, and rebirth. To unite our characters as we weave through their stories, we tried to present their vulnerabilities in a surreal way, right on the surface, in their faces.” – Encyclopedia Pictura
“I used the choreography to enhance the story and make us connect with each couple in a more personal way. It’s always special when you get to orchestrate movement, and also be a part of the final work. Hopefully what we have accomplished is a true personal allegory of heartbreak, moving away from stereotypical notions of beauty and getting playfully deeper into the intangible human emotions.” – Kiani Del Valle

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