Dimitri Monos (American Monoxide) on Web Content

American Monoxide is a playful experiment in sound and song that encompasses the solo home recordings of Dimitri Manos. He’s been making trashy cool jams and vivid yet economical instrumentals in lo-tech analogue fashion at his house in Tucson, Arizona.
The new batch is Web Content, a perfect summer mix for the freaks. Twelve tracks of dance, trash, noise and novelty. Here’s comes the summer and here’s a mix for your road trip, pool party, or whatever. This home recorded weirdo summer must was mixed by Jim Waters at Waterworks Studios in Tucson, Arizona.
This is the second full length release by American Monoxide, which hit the streets on June 10. The digital version is going self-released. The cassette will be released via PIAPTK Records and Wooden Tooth Records. This is where it gets exciting/confusing. The vinyl is being released by People In A Position To Know Recordings (PIAPTK), Soild Gold Records, Almost Halloween Time Records, Wooden Tooth Records, Shot By A Fan, Hocus Bogus Records, Lazy Boy Recording Co & Baby Gas Mask Records. Each label will put thier own artistic spin on the release.
Ghettoblaster caught up with Manos to discuss the release and this is what he said about it.
When did you first begin writing the material for Web Content
I started recording the album in the spring of 2015. About 90 percent of the songs were written during the recording process. The whole record was finished in-between touring and recording with other projects during a pretty busy year, so it took awhile to complete.

The video for “Sciatic Nerve” is intense, but also humorous. Were you going for a mixture of the two? I love that the man holding the box looks furious, yet is still nice enough to close the doors of the van before storming off.
The video was made by Texas’ Frank Weysos, intensity and humor pretty much sum up a lot of his video work. He’s an incredibly funny and driven man and you can see that mix in a lot of music videos he’s made. The man holding the box (Zach Miller from Dr. Dog) really steals the show. He’s been picking up a little bit of music video acting lately, and I think he’s on the way to becoming an American sweetheart music video actor… he’s definitely mine.
Are these a collection of songs? Or is their a running thread throughout the album?
Web Content is a collection of home recordings experiments. It’s a cool little playful world with vignettes into different absurdity for the listener.
You’re involved in quite a few bands, in addition to fronting this one. Do you consider any band to be your primary focus? Or are you an equal opportunity musician?
I enjoy collaborating with people on music, be it recorded or live, AND I also enjoy not being around people as well. It’s fun to work together with a friend on a project, or throw in to help someone else see their musical vision out. It’s also cool to work alone and at your own pace, and that’s what American Monoxide is for me.
Do you ever play out as American Monoxide? If so, any plans to do some shows this summer?
American Monoxide is a recording project and I don’t have any intentions on doing it live unless some creature forces me to, in which case I would do it begrudgingly.
(Visit American Monoxide:
http://www.americanmonoxide.bandcamp.com http://www.facebook.com/AmericanMonoxide/)