Coathangers Share New Video "Stranger Danger"

The Coathangers return with a new video for it’s silky and heartpounding “Stranger Danger.” The single is off the trio’s recently released The Devil You know (Suicide Squeeze).

Vocalist/drummer Stephanie Luke says of the song:

“Stranger Danger is a song about avoiding the negative people in one’s life, like when your mother used to tell you ‘stranger danger!’ so you wouldn’t go off with the bad guys. The video is dark with flashes of light (actual flashlights) to invoke that feeling of the unknown. Then we have our ever so good sport of a friend [and album artwork artist/frequent collaborator] Scott Montoya, whom we’ve kidnapped and continue to ‘terrorize’ throughout the video, so we in fact have become the dangerous strangers. This was one of our favourites to make with our amazingly talented videographer Matt Odom, enjoy!”