Burning House Share 'Mirror Song' Single/Video

If you listen to anything today, make sure to make Burning House a priority. The Southampton UK trio shares the new video for the single “Mirror Song.” The song itself is 4-plus minutes of blistering inertia that’s loud enough to make famed Massachusetts or Lower East Side scuzz rockers blush. The band moves at a frenetic pace with a wall of guitar treading space between a cacophonic dissonance and a shoegazing dreamscape, never quite allowing itself to be defined by genre or even “sound.” And that may be just fine for Burning House, made up of guitarist Aaron Mills, drummer Dominic Taylor and bassist Patrick White.
While Mills may be the band’s sole songwriter, Burning House wouldn’t be the same without the bombastic rhythm section here. The band plays with dynamics on “Mirror Song,” which was released earlier this month alongside “Peach,” a track taking a much quieter approach, if such a thing is possible for the band.

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